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- Dance Mode -
An explanation of Dance Mode

When you get to the Dance Mode screen, LEFT and RIGHT to select from 1 Player, 2 Player, and Double modes. Confirm your selection by pressing ENTER or the START button on your dance pad.

1 Player:
This is a one player mode using one dance pad.

2 Player:
This is a two player mode where each player uses one dance pad.

This is a one player mode where the player uses two dance pads.

Pick a Tune

Press LEFT and RIGHT to switch songs.

Next, choose a difficulty. The default settings for all songs is "Novice." The difficulty can be changed by tapping UP twice for an easier difficultie or DOWN twice for harder difficulty.

Press UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN to bring up the Sort Menu, where you can change how the song list is displayed.

While you're selecting a song, you'll see a graphic for each song name. Below the picture, you'll see the artist name, the BPM for the song, and the song's popularity rank. Below that will be the difficulties available for the song. The higher the number, the harder the song is to play. In the lower corners, you'll see stats for the song, including the current difficulty, the number of steps, jumps, holds, mines, hands, and the best record.

Press ENTER or the START button on the dance pad to begin playing.