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- Marathon Mode -
An explanation of Marathon Mode

This is a challenging, but fun, way to play to play In The Groove. In this mode you play four or five songs in a row with no breaks in-between. Watch out! Some Marathons also feature arrow modifiers that will affect your game play.

1 Player:
This is a one player mode using the pad you used to start the game.

2 Player:
This is a two player mode where each player uses a one pad.

This is a one player mode where the player uses two pads.

Marathon Selection Screen

Press LEFT and RIGHT to switch Marathon courses. Double tap UP or DOWN to change the difficulty for the course. Press ENTER or the START button on your dance pad to select.

The Marathon Selection Screen is similar to the Song Selection Screen. To the left you will see the names of the various Marathons, and to right you will see the information for the selected Marathon. The complete list of songs and their difficulty levels in that Marathon are displayed at the bottom right-hand side of the screen. If the selected Marathon has the word "MODS" flashing near the title, then the course has various pre-defined Modifiers.  

Each course has difficulties: Normal and Intense. Changing the difficult to Intense will change the course to use harder steps for each song.