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- Tutorial -
How to play In The Groove!

In The Groove is a game that is very easy to play, but difficult to master. Game play consists of pressing the correct directional button that correspond to the arrows that appear on-screen. The appropriate directional button must be pressed when a Scrolling Arrow crosses the Target Arrow at the top of the screen. Build up your life meter and continue to the next stage by successfully completing the dance steps in the song. Watch out! If you miss too many dance arrows, the life meter level drops. If the meter reaches the bottom then you will fail the stage.

To exit during game play, hold the ESC button or BACK on the dance pad. For a more detailed description, you can either select "Tutorial" from the main menu, or visit the In The Groove website.

Hands, Holds, Jumps, and Mines

Hands: During some songs you will see three to four arrows appear across the Target Bar at the same time. To hit all of these arrows simultaneously, you need to place your hands on the dance pad in addition to your feet!

Holds: Holds are special arrows that require you to leave your foot on the dance pad button until it finishes through the Target Arrow.

Jumps: These are indicated by two arrows on the same row appearing across the Target Arrows at the same time.

Mines: These are round icons that sometimes appear in place of arrows. Mines should be avoided by not stepping on them like you would a regular arrow. If you hit a mine, your score will drop and your life bar will shrink. Your combo, however, will not be broken.