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- Battle Mode -
An explanation of Battle Mode

Challenge a friend or the computer to an all-out competition in Battle Mode. In this mode, as you score better throughout the song, you will unleash modifiers on your competitor's screen. The better you play, the harder it will be for your competitor to keep up, and vice versa! Once you enter the Battle Mode screen, choose between a one or two player game. Press ENTER or the START button on your dance pad to confirm.

1 Player:
In this mode, one player plays against the computer.

2 Player:
This is a two player mode where two players battle against each other.


Pick a Tune

Once you select the number of players, the familiar Song Selection Screen will be displayed. For more information about this screen, refer to the "Dance Mode" section.

Press LEFT and RIGHT to switch songs. Double tap UP or DOWN to change the difficulty. Press ENTER or START on the dance pad to begin the game.