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- Modes -
An explanation of Dance, Marathon, Battle, Fitness, and Edit modes

Here is a list of the different modes you'll find in the game.

  • Dance Mode
    This is the main game play mode for In The Groove.  Play one song at a time with a break in-between each song.

  • Marathon Mode
    In this mode, you select a course consisting of four or five songs in a row. Some courses will also feature modifiers that are applied automatically for an extra challenge.

  • Battle Mode
    This is a head-to-head mode for two players, or one player versus the computer. In this mode, the better you do, the more modifiers you'll unleash on your opponent.

  • Fitness Mode
    This mode helps you stay in shape by developing an In The Groove exercise routine and tracking the amount of calories you burn.

  • Edit Mode
    Build your own step charts, or edit existing step charts to create endless amounts of game play possibilities.


  • Practice Mode
    The key to In The Groove is practice, and this mode helps you practice certain parts of a song that may be giving you trouble.


  • Records
    Check out your High Scores for the various difficulties in the game. This is a great way to show off some of your all-time best performances to friends.