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- Difficulty Scale -
An explanation of the Difficulty Rating Scale

Each song in the game has at least 4 or 5 difficulties to choose from. You can access these difficulties on the Song Selection Screen by tapping DOWN twice to increase the difficulty, or UP twice to decrease the difficulty. The Difficulty Rating Scale is based on a 13-bar scale. The harder the song, the higher the rating it receives. Here's a rundown of the different difficulties:

Novice: All songs have a difficulty of 1. Pick this difficulty if you've never played In The Groove before.

Easy: Songs range from 2 to 6 in difficulty. Choose this difficulty after you've passed the Novice difficulty.

Medium: Most songs range from 4 to 8 in difficulty. Largely, you'll find that steps reflect rhythms in the music, as opposed to just being on the beat. The arrows start to follow more complex patterns.

Hard: Most songs range from 6 to 10 in difficulty. The step charts are made to reflect the song's rhythms even more.

Expert: Songs range from 9 to 13 in difficulty. This is the hardest difficulty in the game and is a challenge for even the most skilled In The Groove player. Hands and mines are abundant in this difficulty.

Song Breakdown Window

At the bottom of the screen, you will see a Song Breakdown Window that gives further stats about the selected song:

Steps: The number of actual arrows present in the song.

My Best: The current player profile's best score achieved for the song.

Best: The best score ever achieved for the selected song.

Best By: Displays the initials of the player that set the best score.

Jumps: This displays the number of Jumps the occur in the song.

Holds: This displays the number of Holds that occur in the song.

Mines: This displays the number of Mines that occur in the song.

Hands: This displays the number of Hand Hits that occur in the song.